Frequently Asked Questions


What Does HigleyFox Edit?

We edit a variety of texts, but mostly books. That said, we're happy to take on short stories, articles, booklets, and blogs. As for the kind of books we edit, we're open to all types. We have experience in everything from children's fiction to B2B how-to guides. Have a project but not sure if it's something we do? Email us at


What Style Guide Does HigleyFox Use for editing?

We follow the Chicago Manual of Style and use the Merriam-Webster Collegiate's Dictionary unless otherwise requested. We are also proficient in AP style and use Webster's New World College Dictionary when referring to this style guide. 


How long does each edit take?

Content editing takes the longest because it's the most in-depth. Copyediting and proofreading can take anywhere from a couple days to a week and a half. During our initial consultation, we'll be able to give you a rough quote for how long we expect the project to take. This deadline is also dependent upon the type of project, the state of the work, and the goals of the client. 


Can You publish my book?

At this time, we do not have the capability to publish books, though this may be a service we offer in the future. That said, if self-publishing is of interest to you, there are several online companies that offer this service. If you are interested in printing your book here in the northwest, you might also consider Caxton Printers, located in Caldwell, Idaho. Information on their self publishing services is located here. 


Does HigleyFox Offer Copywriting/Ghostwriting ServiceS?

Copywriting and ghostwriting projects are taken on a case-by-case basis, dependent upon the length of the project, our interest in the subject, and compensation. As always, there's nothing wrong with asking. Email us at


Can I Meet With an Editor in Person?

Absolutely! Currently, Chantel Fox lives in Boise, Idaho, and Danielle Higley lives in Renton, Washington. If you're local, hit us up! We'd love to walk through your edits in person and answer any questions you have.

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