Chapter Two: How It Works

So you've written a book. Congratulations! That's a huge accomplishment. If you're wondering what's next, we have good news: You've come to the right place. Check out our editing packages below for options, pricing, and a little guidance on why you might want one kind of edit over another. Have questions? Let us know! Email us at



Package 1: The Whole Enchilada

This package is designed for authors who are looking to take their manuscript to the professional level. If you're serious about your writing and are looking to either self-publish or submit your manuscript to a publisher or agent, this package is for you. First, we'll perform a content edit, also called a developmental edit. Your editor will point out plot holes, suggest changes that will strengthen the overall story, and give you notes for moderate to major revisions. They'll also do some line editing to smooth out sections that sound a little rough. Once you've had a chance to make changes, the editor will do a finer edit, more centered on fixing grammatical and structural errors. Finally, the editor will perform a last proofread to catch any missed punctuation mistakes. At this point, your novel is in a great place for submission or publication—whichever path you choose. While it's likely your agent or editor will request further edits once your book has reached acquisition, this first step will greatly smooth out the process and make your project more appealing to readers and editorial departments alike. The first two rounds of edits will be performed using track changes, so you get the final say on any mid-level or major edits. The final proofread will be small changes only, with track changes available upon request.

First round, $7 per page. Second round, $3 per page. Third round, $2 per page.


Package 2: Hold the Sauce

Not really interested in performing any major revisions at this time? That's fine too! Option two is a middle-of-the-road edit designed for folks who are just ready to get the novel out the door. Your editor will perform a basic copyedit and proofread to catch any embarrassing errors or inconsistencies. Plus, we'll make sure your commas are in all the right places. 

$5.50 per page.


Package 3: Just the Chips

You may be to the point where all you want is a proofread—someone to fix those double words, misplaced periods, and double spaces. Leave your novel in the hands of our capable editing team, and rest easy knowing we're taking care of all the fine details. Oftentimes, a good proofread is exactly what's needed to elevate a book to the next level of quality. 

$2.50 per page.