Chapter Three: Testimonials

Find out what others have to say about the editors at HigleyFox!



"Danielle is the most dedicated and talented editor/copywriter I have ever had the pleasure of working with. She is incredibly smart, intuitive, and driven by her passions—one of which, as you might guess, is the written word. ... She has a knack for working with writers—laying down the law when she needs to while simultaneously making them feel great about what they’ve written. ... I simply can’t recommend her enough."

— Myranda M., Professional Copywriter


"Your testimonial could go here."

— Your Name, Author of This Amazing Book


"I recently consulted Danielle Higley with HigleyFox. My challenge was communicating my business knowledge in a 10-page project presentable to high-ranking company officials in a clear and concise manner. Based on recommendations from others, I trusted that Danielle would be able to help. Her response time was almost immediate, and her willingness to work around my tight schedule and deadlines was paramount to completing this project on time. I'm very pleased with the editing, suggestions, and overall style of Danielle and HigleyFox. I definitely recommend!!!

— Ryan J.